Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Which is the best free system optimizer and maintanence tool!!!!!!

         Well just having a personal computer these days for doing your work isn't enough with evergrowing hacker attacks & growing unknown trojans & viruses just having a good antivirus isn't enough anymore

             So what else do you need?

 An efficient system optimizer tool is also essential well there are many types of these softwares available out there but what these system optimizer tools or softwares exactly do  

        Functions of these softwares:
  • They are used for registry cleaning
  • malware fix
  • Deletion of temporary files
  • erases traces of cookies & internet traces
  • Registry defrag
  • Disk defrag
  • Disk scan
  Well these are some of the features i mentioned here and there are so many other features out there
  But the point is i`m a bit greedy or i don't want to pay for a software before trying them 
so i downloaded a few of these softwares  well they did a good job in finding errors but they won't clean the errors for me wanna know why??

  well here comes the biggest bummer they want us to upgrade their software until we gonna do that they don't clean up the errors . But i searched & searched to find any free software that's not junk & still does the job finally i found one


 have been using these software for a while all i can say is it runs smooth & even cleans the errors for me &best of all it's free well there's a option to upgrade i think it's worth while upgrading to these software


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