Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to use space on g-mail using firefox plugin

Get the gspace plug in for your Firefox browser. Gspace acts as an online disk drive you can use to store files. In the Firefox browser click Tools > Add ons > Extensions and search for gspace and download it

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    Restart Firefox to activate the extension. Find the "G" icon in your browser toolbar and click to begin using the control. This opens up a typical file transfer window, with your system windows on the left and gmail storage space on the right.

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    Create new folders on the right in the gmail space just as you would when creating a different directory on your computer.

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    Select the files or folders on your system on the left and the folder where you want to move them on the right and click upload arrow. Files already sitting in the gmail space can be downloaded too.

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    Access these files from any web browser. Gspace applies a File label to all files uploaded for easy retrieval and file recovery.

  • Limitations:

    • File names should be less than 65 characters long.
    • The file size limit corresponds to the maximum size of attachments for mails sent with Google Mail. Presently, this is 25MB.
    • Since files are stored as email attachments in your personal email account, you cannot share these files directly with your friends, unless you grant them access to the respective account.


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