Thursday, January 26, 2012

Truoble in typing english!!!!

  We all know how much we love our mother tongue because it's the one we speak ,we talk all the time .But the any online application we take is in English some may find it easy to type in English and for some they are not too comfortable with it So what's the solution for people who want to type or chat in their mother language well   Lookeys  

         Lookeys is basically a virtual online software which provides us with different virtual language keyboards which we can use to type or chat in our mother tongues
Note: well currently this software is available only in Indian languages
Features of Lookeys:
  1. You can work with ms office in your own language
  2. You can email,chat,web browse in your own language
  3.   Create pdf in your own language
  4. Available in all major Indian languages
  5. Biggest advantage is you can work online and offline
   There is free trail version available if you want to try it out Lookeys



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