Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Use G-Mail Storage Space Efficiently

Well we all use g-mail as our primary e-mail for many purposes online,but do you know that g-mail has over 7.4 GB of storage space available.Well that's a lot of space for storing only e-mails ain't it?
Well today I'm going to explain you a method through which you can use your g-mail account to store important files & documents online for free with your g-mail

1. A g-mail account

2. Internet connection
Set up process: Well there are many methods that are available to store or utilize space on your g-mail account but the method I'm going to explain you today is the e-mail method, so here it goes

First of all when you open your g-mail account go to labels and create a new label especially for this purpose. If it's a business document or file create a label on that name or if it's a personal file create a label under the same name

Create a new filter for this purpose it can be found in the settings option, the purpose of creating this filter is to avoid other e-mails coming in to your account

Name the filter specifically as "Store documents" or "store files"

The next step is applying the label & creating the filter

Select the file you want to send to your account make sure it is compressed so that it occupies less space & even makes it easier for you when you want to download

After selecting the file right click on the file & send it to e-mail recipient, this will default opens your e-mail client. Make sure it is not an g-mail account because otherwise your saved files appear in the sent folder in Gmail as well as in the inbox

Send the file to Gmail as an attachment. In the subject line, use one of the keywords you used for your filters, "Store Documents" for example. Send the email. When received, the label is automatically applied

So this is one of the methods to store space on the g-mail account
Don't send a file larger than twenty five Mb because the file won't be stored
Don't send one large file at a time instead of that send a compressed file or pieces of file
Among the different methods available to you in using the g-mail as an storage space.This is the best method available because all you need to have is an g-mail account and you can access your important files & documents anywhere you go


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