Thursday, February 2, 2012

Xmarks-making your life with bookmarks easier

We all know how we love bookmarks at the end of the day, they are our favourite pages or the topics we're interested in but when we format the system or when the system crashes they too get deleted & it' s a pain in the butt & we can't save them to a note pad or a excel sheet can we

        Don't worry your problems with bookmarks have gone because i recently stumbled upon a software called xmarks  which is user friendly bookmarking software which syncs your browsers bookmarks to your system or laptop

 Features of xmarks :

  1.   Ability to create your account in xmarks
  2. As soon as you synchronize your account  xmarks creates a backup  file of your bookmarks 
  3. can install it  on as many systems you want & can syncronize your bookmarks
  4. Available for I.E,Firefox, chrome & Mac os x

       So try this software out &  post me your updates about it

   Try it out here Xmarks


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