Sunday, February 19, 2012

Awesome Unsocial Networking sites!!!!!!!!!!

We've heard about social networking sites but what's these buzz about unsocial networking sites.Well let me explain it to you that's exactly opposite to the social networking sites , well you will be still making friends in this sites instead of wasting your time like playing games or sending requests to someone whom you've never met in your life .Well hey i'm a facebook fan too, I've nothing against social networking sites but then i got to explain the difference between a social & unsocial networking site right??

 In unsocial networking sites you'd be making friends but here making friends from similar interests & getting advice from them & from experts in that field more sort of like a professional networking sites but with a little social touch .So here are some cool sites  

 Well these are some of the sites i've mentioned if you know more please feel free to share them through comments


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