Friday, June 22, 2012

My Fav Android game-Nin jump

Backflip Studios have proven themselves time and again to be among the best developers in the world of free Phone gaming. Paper Toss became a national obsession when it first launched, with both Strike Knight and Graffiti Ball receiving their own share of critical acclaim. Now Backflip has decided to tackle the ever-popular survival genre, offering up their first game about a ninja that loves to climb.
At first glance, Ninjump looks like little more than a clone of Ninjatown: Trees of Doom, but dig a little under the surface and you’ll find that Backflip’s latest offering does more than enough to set itself apart from its likely inspiration. Gameplay here is fast and twitchy, unlike the slow and steady pace of its competitor. Your ninja runs along the wall at a rather maddening pace without any help from you. In fact, the only control you’ll have over your character is tapping the screen to initiate a jump from one wall to another. Thanks to a good assortment of obstacles, you’ll find yourself tapping up a frenzy in no time.
 The presentation in Ninjump is simple but sufficient. There’s nothing really flashy here, but little touches like watching your ninja sprout a big puffy tail after defeating three squirrels, or watching your protective bubble spin in a circle as you climb, really showed that some thought went into the graphics. The music is a good fit as well, offering up oriental-style excitement that matched both the pace and theme of the offering.

At last all i can say is  if you love games definitely try this one it's worth playing.



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