Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wanna update your drivers automatically.....

Well we all know how critical it is to maintain our system drivers up to date because broken link drivers or missing or out of date drivers can critically effect your systems perfomance .So what to do updating your drivers is the best option you have but don't know how ? confused well don't worry i got you a small gold nugget that might help you save the day 

 I found  a software called slimdrivers which when downloaded to your computers automatically checks your system drivers & gives a status report about your drivers .There are two options for the software

1.Free version : this version does the job for you all you have to do is manually update your system drivers
2. Paid version: Well here in this version you got the option of updating your drivers automatically

  Well the free version does the job for you ,If you don't have the patience and time you always got the paid one .Anyway i'm using this software &i'm loving this....


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